Local Internet MarketingWhile the internet is global in nature it is easy to forget that local internet marketing is in fact something to seriously consider as it can be highly profitable offering local seo services or otherwise pitching products to the local market online which often have much less competition.

People involved with internet marketing and search engine optimization are frequently too focused on building sites or offering products and services to the entire world or at the very least the English speaking US market. While there are certainly many opportunities to make money like that it is a mistake to neglect localized markets where real nuggets of gold can be found by those that make the effort to dig a little.

If you are offering SEO services, you could waste a lot of time and resources competing with a million other SEO companies online or you could work smarter and even go “old style” by simply picking up the phone and calling local businesses to offer your services. You could of course email them or even print out some letters and post them by “snail mail”, whatever it takes to get your offer in front of the right people in the area you are targeting, and of course as many of them as possible. Localized PPC advertising is another way you could get your message out to them but be careful not to lose your shirt!

Every company these days is desperate to rank high on Google for whatever products they are selling but most don’t have any idea how to go about it since it is not their core business. Many will be quite happy to hire a reputable local provider to take on the task, so you have a real opportunity to make significant sales and regular monthly income.

If you are not selling SEO or Marketing services, there are still huge opportunities for localized internet marketing of countless other products. Many of the same principles apply when it comes to ranking your own local pages but with some changes such as a country specific domain, local language, including regional specialized knowledge to show you really are tailored for that market, all can help boost your sales however the lack of serious competition online for specific products in the local market which may otherwise be massively saturated in the global or US/English markets is in fact almost a guarantee of success for those that go for it.. will you be one of those?