irish-flagIn the business of internet marketing there is one “ring” to rule them all and that ring is traffic, or eyeballs if you will, for without people seeing your site and your offers you simply wont make money and not making money is generally not a good thing for any business!

Of course not all traffic is created equal and there’s no shortage of junk traffic out there, particularly the cheap stuff pedalled by traffic brokers of dubious repute – if it seems too cheap, a helluva bargain, it is probably junk and more than likely not even real (bot created) so don’t fall for it! Having said that there are ways to convert cheap traffic as long as it is not just bot traffic, but it is harder to do so you really need to know what you are doing.

But what has all this got to do with St. Patrick’s Day and what’s that about the killing?! It will all make sense soon, but fear not as the killing in this case is in the context of “making a killing” or in other words making money! Read on..

For the savvy internet marketer every day brings new opportunities to attract fresh and high quality traffic and make more sales and one such way is to take advantage of holidays. Somewhere in the world where your potential customers live, there is very likely to be a holiday no matter what day of the year it is! Today for example it is St. Patrick’s Day and the Irish and Irish at heart are soon to be heading for parades and/or pubs to celebrate as only the Irish know how – it will be green and involve alcohol, of that you can be sure!

If you had consulted a calendar ahead of time you could (should) have prepared for this day with appropriate offers and themed blog posts or mailings or even paid ads. There will be much buying of holiday specific gear and much interest and subsequent googling for all things Irish and with proper planning you could be reaping the benefits now, starting even from several days (or weeks) before and until several days after – you could have been selling and making a real St Patrick’s Day killing!

If you act fast you may still be able to get some ‘luck of the irish’ before this holiday is over so go ahead and take action NOW! However in the worst case there will always be another holiday soon, perhaps somewhere there is one tomorrow which you could pounce on and in fact soon it will be easter – are you ready for that? If not then get planning!

Find a good calendar of holidays around the world and start thinking of how you could target those days, what you could offer, how you could make a holiday killing. Don’t just restrict yourself to the national holidays of the US or the specific country you are hoping to sell to because the world is a much smaller place now and there will always be a local community of people from all corners of the globe who will be celebrating even the most obscure holidays and you could be making bank on that!

Until next time – Sláinte!