Are you sick of the rat race? Do you want to get away from the drudgery of commuting to work every day, being stuck in the rush hour traffic for hours every week or even hours every day, wasting your life away? Then this article is for you – read on to learn how to get a remote job which will free you from the rat race, and allow you to live your life on your terms!

We’ve all been there, sat on a crowded bus or train for an hour or more, twice per day, just getting to work and back, five or six days a week. Or perhaps sat in your own car, driving to and from work, in the rush hour traffic, crawling along and surrounded by the noise of the traffic around you, the cars and trucks and buses filled with people whose stress levels are rising by the minute.

Get Three Extra Years on Your Life

Just think how much time you actually waste during the daily commute – a modest commute of an hour each way, over just five days a week (and many people work six or even seven days), adds up to 10 hours per week, which is 520 hours per year. If you start work at age 20 and retire at 70, that is 26000 hours! That works out as 1083 days, or approximately three years commuting!!

To me that is mind boggling – 3 years of precious life just gone, taken away, with no chance to ever get it back.

Imagine what you could do with 3 extra years of life. You could start and complete an entire university degree in 3 years, or travel around the world several times over, or start a family and spend 3 extra years devoted to raising your children, providing them with the best possible start in life. Perhaps you could build a successful business, or turn a side-business or hobby into a full time business. You could learn a musical instrument to a respectably high level. The possibilities are endless, and limited only by your imagination.

Every day you probably think to yourself, “How can I escape this nightmare?! There has to be a way!

Luckily there is, and there has never been a better time for it. Find a job which allows you to work form home, or anywhere you happen to be, whether it be in a local cafe or a sun drenched tropical beach. We only get one life, a limited number of days and hours to experience all that there is in life, so become a digital nomad or remote worker to free up some of that precious time and boost your quality of life through the roof!

Where to Find Remote Jobs

In order to get a remote job, you need to find one on offer, a task made much simpler these days due to the ever growing number of job sites catering specifically to remote jobs.

While there are many remote jobs to be found on such sites, it is important to note that not all are available globally. Even though technically a remote job could be done from anywhere in the world, more mundane issues such as employment regulations, company insurance, health insurance, and taxation issues can restrict remote jobs to people in the same country as the employer. Also, not all remote jobs are all remote, meaning that they could still require some on site work such as once a week in the office or visiting clients, and so staff need to be based in the relevant region.

Here’s a few remote jobs sites you may find useful, ranked in no particular order (although I quite like We Work Remotely):

Besides the above, you can find social network groups (on Facebook and LinkedIn for example) which list remote jobs. Another great way to find remote jobs is by checking the jobs page on company websites – either go direct to the company you would like to work for and check if they have any remote jobs listed, or do a general Google search for your particular trade or profession.

There are big tech companies who are famous for hiring remote workers, such as Automattic (WordPress), and Zapier and they are always on the lookout for more talent, so if you have a suitable skill then check them out!

There are surely more remote job sites out there, particularly in other languages (I only looked at English sites) so Google is your friend for finding those.

If you know of any other good sites or social network groups to find remote work then let me know in the comments below!

Convert Your Existing Job to Remote

Finding a new job is not easy and there’s usually lots of competition for each position available, even more so for remote jobs. You may also like the job you have (but hate the commute) and want to keep it. So what can you do in such cases?

Well, thanks to Covid, there are nowadays a huge number of employers who have switched to remote work to some extent, and even those who have not made the switch are aware of the trend these days and are often willing to be flexible on the matter to keep their employees happy.

If you want to switch to remote but don’t want to leave your current job, just go and talk to your employer and see if they’d be willing to let you work remotely some or all of the time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Create Your Own Remote Job

If you can’t find a remote job in your profession, or your type of job is just not suited to remote work (of course many jobs simply cannot be done remotely), then there are still some options available to you. One option is to switch careers – find something you can do and which is suited to remote work, and start applying. Another option is to start your own business, offer online services as a freelancer or start an e-commerce business.

If you’re not confident in your ability to do such a job or business at the moment, then start preparing. Do some courses (online courses naturally!) on places such as udemy. Also check out what your local government or employment service is offering in the way of retraining. Many places are now offering free training to help those affected by Covid restrictions switch to a new career, so take advantage of that while it’s still available!

Plan Ahead

Even when you do get a remote job, don’t just rest on your laurels – plan ahead! Save up as much money as possible to have a safety net in case the remote job ends. Invest some (not all!!) of your money in various ways such as in pension funds, the stock market, or cryptocurrency (carefully!). Start building up some passive income streams to supplement your current income and perhaps in future you’ll be able to ditch the salaried job and live the good life on your investments.

You may need to retrain, or be flexible in the type of work you do or how much is remote. You may need to relocate to another part of the country or even another country entirely. You may need to take a risk, and just drop everything and go for it. It may not be easy to get the ideal remote job or start your own remote business, and you may fail several times along the way before landing the dream job. But one thing is sure – if you don’t try, you will not succeed, and in the meantime the clock is ticking.. your life is slipping through your fingers while you are stuck in a traffic jam every day.

One of the few good things that came out of the pandemic is the rise in remote work, so grab the opportunity to get a remote job – you owe it to yourself!