Wikipedia Keyword MiningEverybody loves FREE and so it is good to find something which is not only free but does a job that you actually need – is one of those rare creatures – as long as you use it properly instead of just expecting it to do what every other tool already does! Read on for the nitty gritty..

When you are in the internet marketing or SEO business, or in fact any business with a web site, you will be spending rather a lot of time on keyword research and for that you will most likely be using one or in fact several tools to help find those nuggets of keyword gold. If you are not actually doing any keyword research then it’s about time you got your act together and start doing some as it is fundamental to any web based venture!

So Many Tools, So Little Time

There are many good tools around which you can and should be using to automate as much of the research process as possible because it’s no secret that the research process can be long and tedious. There’s no escaping it though if you want to succeed, you have to bite the bullet and take the time required to do the job right. The amount of time involved can be significantly reduced through the use of tools but it will still take a while no matter what – nothing beats the “Mark I Eyeball” combined with the human brain for picking out the winning keywords from huge automatically generated lists.

Wikipedia Mining

Most keyword research tools rely on Google, one way or another, to produce their keyword suggestion lists and stats and this is fine up to a point – the point where everybody else is using the exact same tools as you and ends up finding the same keywords as you which of course leads to more competition and less money in the bank for you. However there are other methods for keyword discovery and one such method is mining Wikipedia for related keywords – that site is a treasure trove for top quality articles and contains bazillions of keyword relations which you can utilize.

Mining by Hand

You can manually search for wikipedia articles in your chosen niche – obviously the nature of Wikipedia means you can’t always search for too narrow a niche or geo-targeted keywords, for example something like ‘new york dentist’ will not work at all on Wikipedia since nobody would ever write a Wikipedia article about that. However it will of course have plenty about dentistry and about New York but not specifically those two combined.

Once you find an article relevant to your niche, Dentist for example, you will see there are loads of links to other pages – each of these links is a highly relevant keyword which you can copy and paste into your list or spreadsheet for further analysis. You can then click each of these links and find even more related keywords – you can keep doing this as often as you need to build up a huge list of really good keywords. Just keep drilling down through all the links on all the related pages and copy/paste the keyword from the links.

Now alone these keywords can be great but if you click the View history tab at the top of each page you will see there a link for Page view statistics so you can see just how popular or how much interest there is in that particular article topic – this is great info as you can use it to quickly assess the potential worth of a keyword. Normally you would copy those stats into your keyword spreadsheet as mentioned above so you can later sort them all based on the view stats. However all this manual digging through Wikipedia pages and copy/pasting keywords and stats is a lot of work, is there a better way? Why yes, finally there is a better way..

Automatic Wikipedia Mining

A new keyword discovery and research tool called Keyword Predator makes it really easy to dig through all that great Wikipedia data and all you need to do is enter a seed keyword (a broad one, not localized due to the Wikipedia limitation previously discussed) and then click click click to drill down through all the suggestions and add the good ones to your own private keyword database. Once a keyword is added to your list it is then automatically analysed and a whole load of additional data is pulled in from various places across the web.

The end result is a great list of keywords with data such as Social Competition, CPC, Difficulty rating, Domain availability and more so you can easily pick the best keywords for your articles or for entirely new sites. How much does all this wiki mining wizardry cost? Nothing – it really is free!

So what are you waiting for? There’s gold in them thar Wikipedia hills! Go and dig it out now!