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Wiki Funnels – the Secret to Driving BIG Traffic to Long Tail Niches

Everyone knows that Wikipedia is a goldmine for quality traffic if you can get it but one significant problem is that many niches or long-tail topics on Wikipedia get, due to their nature, very little traffic. The traffic they do get may well be very high quality and the niche may be extremely profitable when [&hellip

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Internet Marketing for Newbies: an in-depth guide for the bewildered and technically challenged

The purpose of this article is not to teach you specifically how to make money online, it is to present the fundamental knowledge required before you can even start building an internet based business with which you could then hopefully make money. It will explain the terminology in simple, clear language. It will tell you [&hellip

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Get Unlimited High Converting Free Traffic Without Google

It is a common problem with internet marketers who spend all their time trying to get traffic from Google and work through every SEO trick in the book only to find one day that Google moved the goalposts and slapped their site down the ranks into oblivion, taking away all that hard earned traffic forever. [&hellip

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