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How to Create and Sell a Polygon NFT on OpenSea

No doubt you’ve heard of the NFT craze sweeping the world these days. You’ve heard of the insane valuations given to sometimes stupidly simple images, silly gimmicks, and sometimes even to real high quality digital art. Now you’re wondering how you too could cash in on that craze before the world moves on to some [&hellip

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Million NFT Art Projects

NFT art projects are really starting to get massive attention these days and there is big money to be made in the field. The recently formed Million token decentralized crypto community is attracting talented artists and launching some amazing NFT art projects. The just announced Lion Art Project plans to bring more exciting art to [&hellip

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How to be a Digital Nomad

You’ve probably seen the videos on youtube or other platforms showing the adventures being had by seemingly overly lucky people, while travelling the country or world in a van or yacht or motorbike etc., and you’ve dreamed of doing something similar.. just living where you want, how you want, and somehow making money online along [&hellip

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