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When Million Projects Blossom

Bitcoin is raging, now over $60k and still going strong, with many predicting $100k BTC soon. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats, and Altcoins are the boats, although some may be a little leaky. Many Alts are rising now, riding the BTC wave, which is great for those who bought in [&hellip

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Binance withdraw to Polygon when MATIC suspended

Many times these days when you want to withdraw MATIC from Binance to your wallet on Polygon network, you will see the dreaded “Suspended” next to the Polygon/MATIC network. All you can do then is wait for Binance to fix it so you can withdraw to Polygon. That can take several days and if something [&hellip

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How to Buy Million Token on Polygon

Good news for anyone sick of paying crazy high fees on Ethereum net when buying Million Token, is that it is now available to buy on the Polygon (Matic) network! This means fees are practically nothing which means even very small buys are now viable. So how do you actually buy MM on Polygon? Like [&hellip

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